Ed Thomas PR

Here’s how I measure up…

This page shows I as a Public Relations practitioner measure up against the Civil Service/Gov.UK frameworks, under the first section ‘Competency’ I measure myself against the six levels of the competency framework for each ‘competency’ under the three clusters – Strategic, People & Performance. You can read my profiles by select each competency from the list, the explanation for the governments competency framework (in PDF) is available via the ‘competencies’ link below (to the gov.uk website) and via a backup PDF on this site.

Further to this, under the second section ‘Success Profiles’ which is supposedly now in place for Civil Service recruitment, you can select the ‘Success Profile’ from the list to view my self-measurement against the framework, and then in brackets the original PDF guide (Document) on the gov.uk website, followed by the backup PDF on this site.


  1. Strategic Cluster – Setting Direction
    1. Seeing the big picture
    2. Changing and improving
    3. Making effective decisions
  2. People Cluster – Engaging People
    1. Leading and communicating
    2. Collaborating & partnering
    3. Building capability for all
  3. Performance Cluster – Delivering Results
    1. Achieving commercial outcomes
    2. Delivering value for money
    3. Managing a quality service
    4. Delivering at pace

Competencies (Backup) are meant to have been phased out by 6th January 2019, as the Civil service moves onto Success Profiles.


The Success Profile Framework moves recruitment away from using a purely competency based system of assessment. It introduces a more exible framework which assesses candidates against a range of elements using a variety of selection methods. This will give the best possible chance of finding the right person for the job, driving up performance and improving diversity and inclusivity.” (Success Profile Overview, Backup)

  1. Experience (Document, Backup)
  2. Strengths (Document, Backup)
  3. Behaviours (Document, Backup)
  4. Technical (Document, Backup)
  5. Ability (Document, Backup)

Further information: Success Profiles: Candidate Overviews (Backup)