Performance Cluster – Delivering Results

Performance Cluster – Delivering Results

To read how I measure up against the competency framework for each competency in the Strategic Cluster, please select the headings below, the quotations are directly from the competency framework PDF (backup) on the website, and are called ‘high-level summaries’.

Competency Seven: Achieving commercial outcomes

“Being effective in this area is about maintaining an economic, long-term focus in all activities. For all, it’s about having a commercial, financial and sustainable mindset to ensure all activities and services are delivering added value and working to stimulate economic growth. For leaders, it’s about identifying economic, market and customer issues and using these to promote innovative business models, commercial partnerships and agreements to deliver greatest value; and ensuring tight commercial controls of finances, resources and contracts to meet strategic priorities.”

Competency Eight: Delivering value for money

“Delivering value for money involves the efficient, effective and economic use of taxpayers’ money in the delivery of public services. For all staff, it means seeking out and implementing solutions which achieve the best mix of quality, and effectiveness for the least outlay. People who do this well base their decisions on evidenced information and follow agreed processes and policies, challenging these appropriately where they appear to prevent good value for money. For leaders it’s about embedding a culture of value for money within their area/function. They work collaboratively across boundaries to ensure that the Civil Service maximises its strategic outcomes within the resources available.”

Competency Nine: Managing a quality service

“Effectiveness in this area is about valuing and modelling professional excellence and expertise to deliver service objectives, taking account of diverse customer needs and requirements. People who are effective plan, organise and manage their time and activities to deliver a high quality, secure, reliable and efficient service, applying programme, project and risk management approaches to support service delivery. For leaders, it is about creating an environment to deliver operational excellence and creating the most appropriate and cost effective delivery models for public services. “

Competency Ten: Delivering at pace

“Effectiveness in this area means focusing on delivering timely performance with energy and taking responsibility and accountability for quality outcomes. For all staff, it’s about working to agreed goals and activities and dealing with challenges in a responsive and constructive way. For leaders, it is about building a performance culture where staff are given space, authority and support to deliver outcomes. It’s also about keeping a firm focus on priorities and addressing performance issues resolutely, fairly and promptly. “