The long awaited video: Emotions and Feelings in PR

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Aside from the previous post Ads – Just to let you know this will be my tenth post here… possibly not counted, so I’ve gotta write some stuff to make it look like a post and not just a video (again), right?

So this is a totally incomplete, rough draft video, where there was a quick throw together as my footage required about 100 more hours of editing, but here is the video, which due to time constraints was not rendered in 4K, but can be, and will be once it’s properly edited… So this is for REVIEW purposes only…

What I would do differently:

Firstly this video is meant to be rendered in near 4K Quality, due to time constraints, I’ve rendered it at 320×180 (so it’s really bad quality). 10+ minutes is just too much for this laptop to take, bless…. I should add I render at 60 frames per second as default, I find its usually a smoother video produced, though again to make a quit break for it, I’ve had to render at 30 fps. (I will upload a HD version later today at .

When it comes to filming, I’d have three four people, rather than just myself and the camera-person. I should have taken a third person to hold my boom microphone, and record the audio properly. I would also have taken more batteries for the camera, and told my camera person (actually make that two camera people) that if they’re gonna film using their mobile to do so landscape (though one could film portrait, because that makes for some great split-shots.

I would have taken about 100 more hours to cut each ‘scene’ of the video, rather than cut the first four in 4K and then rush the rest. I’d also have done the location shots and audio first, rather than last, because I was creating the scenes without the audio to measure the length of shots against.

A great “kick-ass” shot of me… don’t you think?

I take great pride in video creation, and have been using a new programme for this, which although slow to export, is fairly easy to use and great fun to play around with. I still think another 100 hours at least for each scene would have provided the quality I was aiming for.

I would probably have tweaked the script a fair bit, and also filmed some of the ‘stock-shots’ myself, because although they tie in, their not quite right, or in the case of one there’s a darn watermark (not mine) across the middle.

At some point I’d have played around with green-screening myself into a few shots as well, cause that’s fun and the software makes it simple-as.

Anyway – what I’ve learnt, when you have a video to make, don’t spend forever pre-planning and pre-editing, actually shoot, and spend 90% of your time in post-editing and mixing… that way you may be able to get half-way near your vision for this video.

Also it wasn’t a total loss, we got this (right) great kick-ass shot of me…


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