Ads – Just to let you know

Reading Time: 1 minute Just to let you know that the brand new ads are available now in HD:   My short ad is now available to view on YouTube – … #PR #PublicRelations[…]

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Reading Time: 2 minutes In an attempt to ‘advertise’; which is my official website for PR Consultancy work, I decided to create three adverts. Ad One The first is the long-form, originally created at[…]

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How I Use Twitter

Reading Time: 4 minutes Image from: I am not new to Twitter, however, I am also not an avid Twitter user, despite having at some stage been involved in organisational tweeting and having access/management[…]

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Richard Leonard Tweet

Reading Time: 3 minutes The Leader of Scottish Labour may be a breath of fresh air, but the chances are the policy advisors could do with a shake-up on this one…   The SNP Government[…]

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“In the Depot”

Reading Time: 1 minute The following video from Torfaen County Borough Council, Wales was played for us by one of our lecturers. The video actually won the CIPR (Chartered Institute for Public Relations) award for[…]

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